9 October 2018 | Ljubljana, Slovenia
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9 October 2018
Ljubljana, Slovenia
SG2SG Brokerage event


Formal meeting of Enterprise Europe Network members of BioChemTech and ICT Industry & Services Sector Groups will be held in Ljubljana (Slovenia) on 9th and 10th October 2018.

As a part of this event, there will be Double Sector Group meeting brokerage event on 9th October 2018 (SG2SG), where members of both sector groups will have opportunity to meet and discuss the profiles of their clients. 

Each SG2SG meeting will last for 10 minutes and 12 sessions will be held between 13.00 and 15.00 (CEST). 

Please note: The event is dedicated to the SG BioChemTech and SG ICT members only. However, it takes place in parallel to 11th International Technology Transfer Conference (8th - 12th October 2018), where a separate brokerage event is taking place with Slovenian researchers and companies and focuses mainly on R2B meetings and Key Enabling Technologies.


Closed since 8 October 2018


NLB Center of innovative entrepreneurship
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1520 Ljubljana, Slovenia

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